Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Israelis want Temple rebuilt!

64% of Israelis want Temple rebuilt

Thankfully, a growing number of Jews and Israelis are waking up to the fact that the Temple Mount must be restored as the TEMPLE Mount. Christian Bible-believers testify to this truth too and know that any foreign objects upon the Temple Mount are a perversion of its divine purpose to host a House of Prayer for All Peoples to worship the God of Israel (not Ishmael).

I was unjustly deported from Israel for writing an article, published in Jerusalem, that highlights the plight of the Temple Mount suffering under Nazi Muslim occupation. In it I expose Israeli hypocrisy for professing to guarantee "freedom of access" to religious sites while looking the other way while militant Muslims illegally deny Christians and Jews their religious rights daily upon the Temple Mount. This deplorable and unnatural situation must end!

Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must Be Investigated!
"The American Diplomat in Arafat's Corner," published in The Jerusalem Report, came as no surprise to me. It was referring to Edward Abington, Jr., the United States' former consul general in Jerusalem who is now "guiding the Palestinians through the labyrinths of Washington. And his firm is being paid $2.25 million for his expertise."

Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel
As a Christian-American member of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement, I had been privileged to participate in their legal demonstrations during my 10-month stay in Jerusalem awaiting dual citizenship. Israeli television often showed me with my Jewish friends carrying Israeli flags throughout the Old City.

Blow Up the Mosques or An Expired Visa?
Once again, an attempt to spread DISinformation about my unjust deportation from Israel, only provides me with another opportunity to clearly state my case and continue to highlight the plight of the Temple Mount suffering under a Nazi-Muslim occupation...

From Toledo to Jerusalem
You could say I have a God-given love for the Jews and the nation of Israel (Isaiah 62:6-7). That sacred bond has been strengthened over the years by the fact that I've been blessed to have lived all over Israel, getting to know its land and people quite well.

Dangerous Ideas?
During my brief appearance before Israel's High Court, the prosecution charged that I hold "dangerous ideas." I suppose the short-sighted prosecution would ban the Bible if he could since it contains the "dangerous ideas" that millions believe in! What are those "dangerous ideas?"

American Detained in Jerusalem's Russian Compound
Nobody arrested me. I was detained when I faithfully reported to the police office at 9 a.m. Monday morning, January 9, 1996 (day before my birthday) the day after The Jerusalem Post published on their front page an article shedding light on what they were doing in the dark: "GSS Seeks to Deport American Citizen for Plot to Blow Up Al Aksa Mosque."

Jumping on the runaway bandwagon of disinformation, Gerald Flurry and Stephen Flurry shamefully repeated the big lie:

Is David Ben-Ariel a Terrorist?
(Apparently Gerald Flurry and Stephen Flurry would mislead you to believe so!)

The Temple Mount Faithful is not a terrorist organization!
(Although Gerald Flurry and Stephen Flurry strongly insinuate it is, to their shame)

I'm not a terrorist

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