Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Where's the Temple Mount award?

Re: "Jerusalem the Eternal Frontline."
(Caroline Glick received the Guardian of Zion Award from the Ingeborg Rennert Institute for Jerusalem Studies at Bar Ilan University)

Kol hakavod to Caroline Glick! May she go celebrate upon the Temple Mount with members of the Temple Mount Faithful and the Temple Institute who nobly represent those fighting on the eternal frontline of Jerusalem: the Temple Mount.

Oh wait! The state of Gentilized Jews refuses to permit Gershon Salomon, who helped liberate the Temple Mount, from ascending the Temple Mount. No wonder, with Israel and world Jewry’s woeful neglect of the Temple Mount since 1967, that Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem is questioned and despised, soon to be stripped by the German-Jesuit EU with the “blessings” of the pagan pope.


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